Breathtaking operation, Mossad, now filmed

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JERUSALEM – One of the most daring missions of the Israeli secret service is now filmed in Red Sea Diving Resort. The breathtaking operation saved in the eighties, the lives of thousands of Ethiopian Jews, reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The brochure that was distributed to European travel agencies.

Under the guise of a dive resort for tourists in Sudan in charge of the Mossad’s covert operation, one of the longest-running of the Israeli secret service. Only now, 37 years later, get the story behind the duikvakantieoord to the Red Sea, his true face.

“Operation Brothers’ took in the beginning of the eighties, more than three years. In the heart was Arous Holiday Village, a small strandoord that was presented as the dive and woestijnrecreatiecentrum of Sudan. According to a brochure which was distributed among European travel agents, offered Arous for diving enthusiasts a combination of woestijnuitzichten, sandy beaches and coral reefs, including real shipwrecks on the East African coast.


But this is what the brochure are not reported: it was all a cover-up, devised by the Mossad. Secret service agents went with trucks to Sudanese refugee camps, to help Ethiopian Jews to pick up and through dangerous trips through Sudan to return to the resort. From there they were brought to Israel by ship or aircraft.

Dozens of years after details about the story for the first time were unveiled, wrote Gideon Raff, the script for Red Sea Diving Resort, inspired by the real events between 1981 and 1985. The film, which later this year will be released, last year recorded in South Africa and Namibia. Chris Evans, Haley Bennett, and Ben Kingsley play the main roles.

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