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Because of the cave of the lion – crypto-advertising-Scam in social media

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For some time, fake Ads and articles, the performance of the TV-show “die höhle der Löwen” with the platform “Bitcoin traders” are circulating. With an alleged Investment of Star investors, the fraudsters crypto-Fans want to lure into the trap. Therefore, it is now to keep the more be on the lookout for the features of the ad.

“Dike cave of the lion” is a German casting show, which runs in the private television. In contrast to other known formats, such as “Germany for the Superstar” or “Germany’s Next Topmodel” don’t go looking for it here with singing talent or good looks, but innovative ideas. So, the candidates, the Jury will present their business models. This then decides which proposals you support financially and to make the breakthrough you want to help.

Scam fraud, with the faces of well-known investors

Innovative business models, investments and profits? All these keywords can also be used in the daily business of crypto-traders. This is also a group of scammers that want to make the reputation of the TV series takes advantage of probably thought. So you switched to Online ads which were in the style of newspaper articles designed. Only, on closer examination, the Display of real Newspapers to distinguish articles.

Several different Ads wore the title in any way with the show “die höhle der Löwen”. You chose this, you also launched a Website that reports in the style of a news portal about the German Start-up Bitcoin Trader. This advertised with a mechanism that can retract in just a few minutes at a bet of 250 euros, a profit of several Thousand euros. According to the report, the two students, who had founded the Start-up together, an Investment of 2.5 million for 20 percent of the jurors Carsten maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel.

At the end of an open request for payment is

In fact, it is the page is a fake. Neither the judges of the shipment have to invest in a crypto Start-up, there is still a German company by the name of Bitcoin Trader. The business model – apart from the fact that no mechanism is in place that generates such a high profit is fictitious.

The obvious Scam culminates in the fact that the fake news portal recommends to the reader to test the application of Bitcoin Trader. That would require not much. The user merely has to set up a free account, a Minimum of 250 Euro to transfer and on the payment of the prize wait. Under the page a bunch of fake reviews, which confirm all of the success of the platform.

Impostors just

In this Scam it is a fraud case, you can expose quite early. So the ads that appear on news portals and other Websites are featured, with the addition of “ad” or “Ads” on the upper right edge. Even if the display is kept completely in the Form of a news article – that’s the difference.

If you click on the link to the site, it is worth briefly on the URL to view and check whether this matches with the person in a magazine. As a last resort, common sense should apply. Once in the crypto area of a fixed return within a few days, is promised, should be taken from a “Investment” distance.

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