Army Israel bombards Gaza strip: two dead

b64498119c9383f370ebb41d7a9e91f4 - Army Israel bombards Gaza strip: two dead

TEL AVIV – The Israeli army has targets bombarded in the Gaza strip. Thus fell, at least two deaths, believed to members of the armed branch of Hamas. Also got six people injured, a message the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The army confirms that a tank fire has opened on targets of Hamas, the organization that is in power in the Gaza strip. Would rather from the kustenclave be shot at Israeli security forces. “Terrorists names from a post of the Hamas soldiers under fire who were in the area of the northern Gaza strip”, report of the armed forces on Twitter.

Israel and Hamas talk, despite the ongoing turmoil in the border area about a file. News site The Times of Israel message that there may be views on an agreement that provides for a ceasefire and easing of the Israeli measures to the Gaza strip to isolate.

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