Airport Frankfurt released after the incident

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FRANKFURT – The German police have evacuated parts of the airport of Frankfurt after a few hours released. Passengers and staff had to be there before a section of Terminal 1 leave due to a security incident.

The police had to raise the alarm after at least one unauthorized person, the secure zone was entered. A four-person family out of France was the reason for the partial closure of the airport. The four persons have been identified and are being questioned, said a spokeswoman for the federal police. At one of the family members was the safety check not completed yet, when the protected area is entered.

The police reported that the action now is over and thank travellers for their understanding. “The processes are running again.”

The airport warned that passengers must take into account the delays. By a similar incident, at the end of last month, many thousands of passengers let down at the airport in Munich. There excluded a woman’s protection, with a partial eviction as a result. Hundreds of flights were cancelled.

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