Actor Stefaan Degand find a new friend… thanks to error in mobile number

58c1a50c774afa48e550f8010cb8bc49 - Actor Stefaan Degand find a new friend... thanks to error in mobile number

A year after actor Stefaan Degand his girlfriend Julie, and with her their unborn child, lost to a bacterial meningitis, he is again in love. Degand met her after a gig. “We have recently been to Portugal, but we have almost nothing of the city seen,” he tells us weekly magazine Humo. A remarkable detail: the romance began after Degand by mistake a wrong mobile phone number was given, making the girl in question came up.

In the interview, the West-Flemish actor openly about the loss of his former girlfriend and their child. “I have a sadness on me, without medication or other tools. Sometimes that meant that I was three hours to the refrigerator was watching. Which I the day after, and suddenly 25 of them bought. Okay, is it? No one needs me to say how I my grieving process had to undergo.”

In the meantime, Degand in his own unorthodox way, love admitted to in his life. “I still don’t know why, but one time I was to perform with the philharmonic at the queen elizabeth hall and I gave my number to any woman between 35 and 40 years of age who with me wanted to go eat. Had afterwards, I still have about 80 missed calls. Embarrassing. Afterwards, there was a girl waiting for me that me wanted to call, but the wrong number. I gave her the correct number and the rest is history. Since then, we have all once been on a trip, but many we have not of the town as seen. We have all the time talked, eaten, drunk and gevreeën. Delicious.”

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