‘Women in burkas are like mail boxes”

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‘They look like mail boxes and bank robbers.’ I was Boris Johnson when he put it in his column was about women in nikabs and burkas. By his statements he is accused of islamophobia.

In his recent columns came the resigned British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson back on recent boerkaverbod in Denmark.

Completely ridiculous

“I find it absolutely ridiculous that there are people on the street like to walk around, as if they were mailboxes,” wrote Johnson in his Daily Telegraphcolumn. “If there is in me a woman came to work with her face completely covered, then I would ask her her headscarf to take off, so we posh with each other and could communicate. I also think that schools should occur when girls dress up as bank robbers.’

Also companies and public administrations should make him a dress code imposition.

Still, Johnson is not in favour of a boerkaverbod. “Such restrictions are not the same as a free woman telling them what they can and cannot wear in a public space, when they just with her own affairs.”

A total ban would, according to him, the radicals that a cultuurclash between the West and islam speak the wind in the sails. “They will see us as racism blame.’


Johnsons mailbox-rant will definitely have as a boomerang in his face back. Labour-parlementslied David Lammy accused Johson islamophobia to stir up and put it away as ‘a Donald Trump from the 1 euro shop’.

A spokesman for the LibDems called the sayings of Johnson, the evidence that he was xenophobic.

The muslim community regrets the decisions. “Certainly in the current climate of islamophobia and fear of muslims is disturbing tangible,” says the Muslim Council of Britain.

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