Which game plays Melania?

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The president and his wife who openly disagree on Twitter. It can all the Trumps. Though there might be a strategy behind the statement of Melania.

Around halfelf’s evening sent the American president a controversial tweet to the world. This time he had the target on LA Lakers basketball player LeBron James, who was at CNN, the face, Don Lemon, both well-known African-American celebrities. Don Lemon (according to Donald Trump, the dumbest man on tv’) did LeBron slim seem, and that is really not easy, ” came his tweet.

James took the news with his ‘I Promise School’, a school who last week opened its doors for underprivileged kids. A beautiful project, so was Freshened Lady Melania Trump not long after, also on Twitter. ‘It seems that James beautiful things for our next generation.’

It is not the first time that Melania is clearly a different position than her husband. There are going to be around much longer rumours that they are not good in her skin would be as first lady. So she lived during the first months of the presidency in New York instead of Washington, because her son’s school had yet to complete. Most recently, she was three weeks long not more on Trumps side is seen, which even speculated was that they had to go to New York had left.

Thoughtful and independent benefactress

Her spokeswoman had the rumors the head press with a clear message: “Mrs. Trump is still a strong and independent woman that her family and certainly her health above everything, and that will not change by a crazed press,” says the press release. “She has confidence in what she does and what her role is, and is aware of the fact that the rest is only speculation and nonsense.”

And now there’s this: the wife of late that a clear stance against the tweet of her husband. Or yet again not quite as clear. If you Melanias reactions a good look, you’ll see that Melania and her husband are not personal attacks. His name is not even mentioned), Jonathan Lemire and Darlene Superville in their piece for the American Associated Press (AP).

A source in the White House, says to AP that Melania is not so much the position you want to take against her husband, but that she was previously doing to her role as benefactor in the paint. Melania Trump, is next to First Lady also founder of BeBest, an initiative that cyber-bullying from the world want to help.

According to ex-politiekadviseur and professor in communication at the university in Boston, Tobe Berkovitz, like Melania Trump with such reactions will establish itself as an independent and thoughtful woman. “But it helps her husband, of course, to be in the news.”

Trump is no longer popular with white women

Perhaps she helps her husband. In January headlined The Washington Post that Trumps white female constituency, which ensured that he is in the White House houses, no longer in large numbers for him would vote.

After Trumps election victory in 2016, it turned out that more than fifty percent of the white women for the republican vote. That is not new by the way. In 2012, they voted 56 percent for republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was the opponent of the last president of the United States Barrack Obama.

But that trend threatens to disappear. In January 2018, there appeared to be only 37 percent of white American women to be satisfied with the policy of Trump.

And there has Melania Trump, according to some analysts, have a role to play. “Her moderate views, and the independent status that they this creates, in Donald Trumps advantage can play during the upcoming elections,” says CNN. ‘Her reaction can be seen as an attempt to female suburban voters happy. They can be of great importance for the elections in 2018 and 2020.’

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