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When Walt Disney in 1936, children’s book author Beatrix Potter asked whether he is her Peter Rabbit books should edit them to make a cartoon, she pointed him. It took a good 50 years after the death of Potter before the first adaptations for television were made. That was in the 90’s. But now there’s the long animated film in 3D, a mix of animation and live action.

In a nutshell

The film follows the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his family in and around the vegetable garden of mr. Verhoef and his neighbor, Bea. Peter Rabbit leads a perfect life in the garden with him to the corner, with roots in abundance. Until the garden into the hands of mr. Verhoef, who him and his friends want to have. The fight between Peter and mr. Verhoef to the vegetable garden runs extremely out of hand. But at the same time, they will try both in the taste of fall with their dear neighbor, Bea. She is crazy about animals, while mr. Verhoef understand hates the ‘vermin’ that his garden is trying to destroy.

Well-known Flemish votes

In the Flemish version of Peter Rabbit let Sven The Knight the voice of Peter sound like a charming, funny chap. Evelien Bosmans, Ini Massez and Leen Dendievel take the stemrollen of the triplets Flopsie, Mopsie and Wipstaart, while Bill Barberis in the role of the took mr. Verhoef, and Inge Paulussen the voice of the beautiful Bea.

From August 8, 2018 is Peter Rabbit available in the On-demand catalogue of Proximus TV!

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