Tourists flee hard-hit Lombok

330459ccf5d385401a5246b9980c81b7 - Tourists flee hard-hit Lombok

JAKARTA – A day after the heavy earthquake in Lombok, try foreign tourists Monday flocking to the Indonesian island to leave. At the airport of Mataram are long lines of waiting passengers and airline Garuda put extra flights in.

Also budgetmaatschappij AirAsia try more planes to Lombok to send in, said CEO Tony Fernandes on Twitter.

With boats are around thousand of tourists and residents evacuated from the Gili islands northwest of Lombok, is a popular tourist destination.

The earthquake with a strength of 7.0 are certainly 91 people were killed. The Indonesian authorities expect the death toll will rise. There are hundreds of wounded and thousands of homes have been destroyed. It also contains parts of the island without electricity and communication links. The Indonesian navy said that a ship with relief supplies is on its way to the island.

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