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The operator of the NYSE crypto platform and Bitcoin plans-Futures

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The US company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has on 3. August announced, a platform for digital Assets. The company, which among other things, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is also considering the launch of Bitcoin Futures. This product should be able to take place – in contrast to the products of CME and CBOE – actual payouts in Bitcoin.

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) operates on the world, a total of 23 stock exchanges. The most famous of them is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which has its headquarters at the infamous Wall Street in Manhattan. As the company announced in a press release, soon to come a new platform, which revolves around the trading of digital Assets.

Bakkt: A regulated Ecosystem for the Bitcoin trade

The platform Bakkt to develop on the base of Microsoft Cloud Solutions, an “open and regulated global Ecosystem for digital Assets”. To Bakkt works together with a group of companies, including Microsoft, the Boston Consulting Group and Starbucks. Through the platform of digital Assets to be bought, sold, and issued, may be stored. The beginning to do with Bitcoin, currently the most liquid crypto-currency.

With the Start of Bakkt you want to make it easier, especially banks and institutional investors with access to crypto-currencies. Currently, the necessary level of confidence in the crypto-Ecosystem is lacking, especially for the potential investors. This one wants to create now through a regulated environment that wants to make the ICE with Bakkt ready. By so entry barriers will be dismantled, leveled to the big money of the way in the crypto market.

An important role in the project, the coffee chain Starbucks. Thus, it is planned that the roasting company enables its customers around the world, to pay the coffee at least indirectly with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin can be converted to an App directly in the respective Fiat currency that the customer can pay for the product.

Bitcoin Futures as icing on the cake?

In addition, Bitcoin Futures are in the conversation. Unlike the financial products of the Chicago exchanges CME and CBOE that pay their customers in Fiat, are however acquired in fact Bitcoin and get. The planned Futures would, however, seek approval from the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). For the ICE is to be hoped that the CFTC shows more cooperative than it had done in the SEC last. The declined in the last month, the launch of a Bitcoin, ETFs – for the third Time.

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