The family welcomes Martine Jonckheere

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Thursday August 16th is the big day for the new studio photos of the Family taken into use. The past few weeks – and still now for that matter, are people busy in the back to the sets of Goods to the Ribbon were moved well back together stitches. Every vase, every picture frame, everything should be up in the details correct so that viewers of Family, no errors can be found. Who also moves is Martine Jonckheere. A while ago she went back to work in the Family and she had her first recording since a few years ago was dismissed. Marie-Rose De Putter comes after back in the summer and how. That is the big question. The Newspaper had this weekend a conversation with the actress who will soon be after four years of absence, her comeback. The dismissal of Martine Jonckheere came in hard. Not only the actress, also with some of her colleagues with whom she for many years has worked. Martine Jonckheere was part of the regular crew Family, but the former boss found that it was enough and let Martine know the cooperation to stop. Through its long presence on the set of Family, there was a superlange notice and had to Martine so many more months to keep working. But the past is the past and the dismissal is completely processed. “I did my job with a Family in the meantime, behind me left and I am happy that I again am now there are new people at the helm. The atmosphere is optimal. When I returned, they welcomed me with open arms. Finally, my mamaatje is back, said Gunther Levi. What a weird feeling it gave, was the moment I was in Boortmeerbeek my first reading came to do. That took place in the same desk where I my dismissal had been given. But at the same time, it gave me a happy feeling: I’m back!, tells Martine in The Newspaper. Provisionally for three months and part-time but Martine has a really good feel to it and plug an extension. But whether her character will remain, that depends on the bosses and the screenwriters. Her character Marie-Rose moved a few years ago to France after Mathias had deceived. Why Marie-Rose now suddenly return is the big question but there should Martine’t answer. For the viewers, it promises to begin again a fine reunion to be with an actress over the years and with it has worn.

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