Thai footballers from cave to go back to school

59fc593879887754967bfc1c80fc23e3 - Thai footballers from cave to go back to school

BANGKOK – All twelve of Thai boys who work with their coach for more than two weeks trapped in a flooded cave, sitting since Monday in the school. The authorities let know that the young people in the classroom a warm welcome received and that the school day started with a joint buddhist prayers.

The past nine days, eleven of the twelve football players in a monastery, and spent. They did that under more to a scuba diver to honor those who died in the rescue of the boys and to process what they have experienced. Saturday and appeared in public in orange robes and with shaven heads. The twelfth footballer was not in the monastery, because he is a christian. Their coach will stay for three months in the monastery sitting.

The players and their coach came at the end of June to be stuck in the Tham Luang cave, in the northern province of Chiang Rai. Rescue workers pulled the last members of the jeugdvoetbalteam on 10 July out of the flooded cave.

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