Small fire in the technical area at VRT

f2d33b0c0270ddff4ff7310e27e0cfbb - Small fire in the technical area at VRT

On Monday afternoon around 16.30 there was a small fire in the underground floor of the VRT building on the boulevard Reyers in Brussels. The detection system has a fire established in a technical space under the building. A securitymedewerker and a fellow of the technical control room are immediately going to look. Indeed, it is determined that there is a fire. An employee of the Service Buildings with a fire extinguisher, the fire can quickly extinguish. The fire department of Schaarbeek, which quickly was on the spot, only has the control to do the building. There was limited smoke spread via ventilation systems, which were immediately shut down. The smoke was not harmful. Shortly after the origin of the fire is a part of the VRT building evacuated. That went without incident.

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