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Sets Max Verstappen used his veto against Carlos Sainz as a team-mate?

abda6a8ed877e51ad8712163f903358e - Sets Max Verstappen used his veto against Carlos Sainz as a team-mate?

The transition of Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull to Renault remains fodder for speculation. The Spanish media messages especially that Carlos Sainz to McLaren will attract, this is because according to ‘Marca’ Max Verstappen Sainz not as a team-mate want to be with Red Bull in 2019.

Carlos Sainz is still under contract with Red Bull but the Austrian formation will not push to the Spaniard next year in the main body of the team to let them drive.

According to the Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’ says Max Verstappen used his veto against Sainz because he is the Spaniard as a threat to be considered within his own team. Sainz and Verstappen were all once team-mates at Toro Rosso, the smaller zusterteam of Red Bull Racing.

Because of that reason it seems obvious that Pierre Gasly in the second Red Bull will race in 2019.

As I have mentioned before would be the negotiations of Carlos Sainz and McLaren are already in an advanced stage. In theory, it would be Sainz Stoffel Vandoorne to replace at McLaren, but it all depends on the future plans of Fernando Alonso. Keeps the Spaniard at McLaren or he moves to the United States to try his luck in IndyCar?

The relationship between McLaren and Renault will only become stronger now that Red Bull has announced that the Honda engines will be racing in 2019.

Esteban Ocon seems as the biggest victim from this carousel. The young Frenchman seemed destined to be next year for Renault to race but nothing is less true. The option of an extra year at Force India is real in spite of the desperate situation where that team is currently in, and there are also opportunities at Toro Rosso.

There is also that Ocon as Mercedes-junior the hot breath of colleague George Russel in the neck start to feel it. The young Brit, who currently is the leader in the championship in the Formula 2 he also stressed a seat in F1 next year. In short, it promises to be an interesting ‘silly season’ to be.

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