Occurrence of Q3 is disturbed by wasp

cb133a56b71862ee79a7b597d2082bd8 - Occurrence of Q3 is disturbed by wasp

A performance of Q3 in Knokke went last weekend didn’t go as planned, thanks to the exceptional summer weather this year. A wasp chased Klaasje the convulsions on the body. Its text changed from “I’m in love with Luka” in “aaah a wasp”.

The animal was clearly fond of the Dutch singer because it was just around her head buzzing. When the blonde, the wasp is not excluded received, she is almost of the stage.

The singer then made another to her fans, clearly, that there is a bug rondvloog. Happy flew the beast for a few seconds afterwards the road and couldn Q3 ” sheet, soon her acting resume.

‘The blonde of Q3″ is not the only one who these days suffers from the widely-feared insects. By the exceptional heat of the past weeks, flying there this summer, too many wasps in our country around.

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