Novastar swirling valve of M-idzomer festival in Leuven

abfac57d3412531989aa4ffbc845a525 - Novastar swirling valve of M-idzomer festival in Leuven

With a sparkling concert, Novastar last night, the four-day M-idzomerfestival in the Leuven M museum closed. In total took 6.700 visitors, which is less than the 7.185 last year. The four-day M-idzomer is organised by M and the muziekcentrum het Depot and brings a unique cocktail of various art forms such as music, dance, exhibition and film.

Novastar, the band’s frontman Joost Zweegers, opened with the hits ‘Wrong’ and ‘Never Back Down’ and brought then a lot of known material such as ‘Mars Needs Woman’, ‘Lost & Blown Away’, ‘Closer To You’ and the recent ‘Home is Not Home’. A flock sang ‘The Best is Yet To Come’, concluded the actual set off after the group, under loud applause two encores brought. Earlier in the evening programmed M-idzomer include Gabriel Rios, Frank Vander Linden and Esther & Fatou.

The highlight of M-idzomer was, according to co-organiser Mike Naert (The Depot) the concert of Novastar. Other beautiful moments were according to Naert, the concerts of Robin Mckelle, Eefje De Visser and Stuff. At the concert-goers are able to especially the Intergalactic Lovers, Avishai Cohen, Gabriel Rios and Bram De Looze on a lot of sympathy count.

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