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More than 1,500 athletes to draw from Monday present in Berlin for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS

5e7f2a36b9842436168c0b818b143fcc - More than 1,500 athletes to draw from Monday present in Berlin for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS

At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin come Monday the first athletes in action. For Belgium occurs Corentin Campener from 16u35 in the Olympic Stadium for the qualifiers of the long jump.

Berlin 2018 is part of the European Championships or the European Championships, in their first edition. In the German capital (6-12/08) the european athletics place. Glasgow (2-12/08) has been around since Thursday host for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS swimming, cycling, triathlon, rowing, golf and artistic gymnastics. Athletics does not take place in the Scottish city, because the European association of athletics in the materialization of the European Championships is already an agreement with Berlin.

With the bundling hope the seven relevant European sports federations the status of their european CHAMPIONSHIPS to boost. There was a deal with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which is the main public service broadcasters in Europe unites. The event will have a much greater range (one billion potential tv viewers, ed.), important for attracting sponsors.

In total 1.572 athletes to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics. The Belgian delegation consists of 32 individual athletes and two 4x400m relay aflossingsploegen, the Belgian Tornados, and the Belgian Cheetahs. With the exception of Brussels 1950 (44 individual athletes and two aflossingsteams), Belgium had never more delegates at a European championship. Two years ago, defended the 29 athletes and the 4x400m relay aflossingsploeg in the men of the Belgian colours in Amsterdam.

Corentin Campener comes Monday in action in the qualifiers of the long jump. To make the final, he should be kwalificatielimiet of 8m00 or jump in the top twelve finish. His personal record is 7m98.

Hordeloopster Eline Berings bears Monday night (21h) the Belgian flag at the opening ceremony on the Breitscheidplatz, where a few competitions continue, and also the medals to be awarded. The ceremony is going to 21 start.

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