Miguel Wiels writes autobiography

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Striking message in The Newspaper of Monday: Miguel Wiels writes his own autobiography. Miguel Wiels could so something else than writing songs: he picks his nose, not his life story on paper. And that story is one for you to say. In september celebrates the musician and composer his 46th birthday and do have that story fully written. On may 8, 1983 was the crowd at the fair of Sint-Amandsberg. The congregation thronged around the stage, where a boy of eleven who was barely above the electric organ came out, the one classic piece after another out of his keyboard allowed roles, interspersed with well-known hits, and occasionally a composition of their own. The applause was deafening. 35 years later, Flanders can not more to Miguel Wiels. He made his name as a pianist and composer of all Q3-hits, but he also works together with Paul de Leeuw, he has his own band, he is the man of Free Souffriau alias Mega Mindy and the father of two children.

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