‘London wants extradition of suspects of nerve’

d1f900588a717ae76c7db41900d7d6c4 - 'London wants extradition of suspects of nerve'

LONDON – The British government, Russia will ask for two men to deliver to Great Britain. They are suspected of committing an attack with the deadly nerve agent novitsjok. According to the Guardian newspaper, that resources of the government and secret service enacts, is the text of the uitleveringsverzoek prepared and is ready to go to Russia to be sent.

The two are suspected of committing the attack with the nerve gas on the Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Novitsjok is a chemical weapon that was ever in the Soviet Union was developed. Both survived the attack, but were months of ill.

Posts last month that the British police have the Russian suspects behind the attack was identified, called the British minister of Security, Ben Wallace, then,crap.”

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