Johan Veugelers attracts Oktoberfest Wieze corridor

bd450eb6d1bde65ff2fd7920c72029be - Johan Veugelers attracts Oktoberfest Wieze corridor

The Oktoberfest have long been no German phenomenon. Also in Flanders, begins this grand festival gradually again to break through. One of the biggest events this year is the Wieze Oktoberfest. On 21, 22 and 23 september after a break of 31(!) year again the Wieze Oktoberfest takes place in the Oktoberhallen of Wieze. The celebrations were at their peak in the ‘80s to 150,000 revelers to get there then! The Oktoberfest of Wieze in Belgium and only real Oktoberfest worthy of the name.

The comeback of the one and only real Oktoberfest in Wieze get extra shine with “OKTOBERFEST”, a 2 CD with a whopping 47 tracks to a knalprijs. The 2 CD comes out on september 7. The traditional Oktoberfest-classics, the best German and Tirolerhits plús the largest drink, party and party hits from our region to ensure a feestcompilatie without equal! Singer/accordionist Johan Veugelers warms us on the 24th of August started with the single ” Go you (Fest mix)’.

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