Iran declines talks about “broader agreement” with Trump off

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Donald Trump says open to open to a new nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime. But Iran rejects the invitation, which comes on the eve of new sanctions, of the hand as ‘an attempt to create chaos’.

Tuesday at 06.00 pm (Belgian time) join the new sanctions against Iran into effect. It is, inter alia, to blocking of financial transactions and the import of raw materials and sanctions on purchases within the automotive and commercial aviation sectors.

“We continue Iran economically under pressure, but I am open to a broader agreement that all of the pernicious Iranian affairs entails, including the weapons program and support for terrorism’, as stated in a communication from the White House.


But the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani is not impressed. According to him, there only with the US to talk to if the country can prove to be a reliable partner.

“We are always in favour of diplomacy. But calls ask for honesty,’ says Rouhani in a direct televised speech. “The call of Trump is used only for domestic purposes, and to be in Iran for the chaos to care’.


The US got out of the nuclear agreement with Iran to 2015, and also announced new sanctions against the country.

With the sanctions want to be president Trump, the Iranian government under pressure to find a better nuclear agreement, and a change in the Iranian policy in the Middle East. Today, Iran is embroiled in various conflicts in the region, such as those in Syria and Yemen.

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