Inferno on the highway in Italy: two dead and dozens injured

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Bologna – By a huge explosion on a highway in the Italian city of Bologna, two people were killed. Also there were at least 60 injured, according to the Italian news agency Ansa. Fourteen injured are in bad shape. The explosion was caused by a collision between a truck and a tanker truck.

The explosion occurred on an elevated highway. One truck transports cars, the other truck was on the road with flammable substances. The explosion happened around lunchtime, when the pressure was on the highway. Among the wounded would be many agents that the traffic scene.

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By the explosions collapsed part of the highway. On photos is a gaping hole. The fire spilled over to an area with cars. Multiple vehicles on that site grasp flame.

On social media photos posted of a huge fireball and black smoke. The explosions took place in Borgo Panigale, a suburb of Bologna. The place of the explosion is located between a major ring road and a few tested car showrooms. The area has been cleared.

On images on social media, the explosion and subsequent inferno good to see.

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The emergency services are massively called out. The road is two-way closed, so the traffic can no side. There are reports that the blast on a bridge took place and that the bridge is collapsed.

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