Homeless person who paid for the tattoo on the forehead did this ‘out of despair’

0abc4dba5ba810790a0cf4644b3e4941 - Homeless person who paid for the tattoo on the forehead did this ‘out of despair’

A homeless man in Spain and his forehead tattooed after British men him money had offered, for the first time has responded.

Some of the British would be in may, during a hen party in Benidorm, a homeless man 100 euro have offered to the name of the future groom on his forehead tatooed. Photos of the event caused a lot of fuss in the British media.

Tomek (34), a homeless man from Poland, has now for the first time responded to the events. “If you are living on the street, you have hunger and you should drink. That money is like winning the lottery, ” he said to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Also said Tomek, who was drunk during the incident, that he did not understand why the tattoo artist, the job had not been denied. According to him, the pain was unbearable.

The man did not report to the police out of fear to be ridiculed. “I thought the police would laugh at you and I didn’t think that what they (the British singles, eds.) had done to me was a crime. I now realize that it was.’

Social services and the Benidorm British Business Association for Tomek to 3,000 euros has been raised, and give him a medical treatment offered. They also want that he stops drinking. The case is now also at the police reported.

Tomek told El Mundo that he used in the kitchen of a four star hotel in Poland, had worked. He traveled to Spain because of the relationship with his former girlfriend on the verge of falling apart. Since then he has been homeless. Despite the recent setbacks, he is hopeful: ‘Maybe I open a restaurant with traditional Polish cuisine. Who knows? After what happened to me, I will never give up, ” he said.

The Brit Jamie Blake (37), the future groom that the money for Tomeks tattoo would have offered, told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle that he has nothing to do with it. “I was drunk and was asked to be the bar to leave,” he said. “I was never into the tattoo parlor and as far as I know, he got no money.’

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