Heat wave on last legs: a real rain coming

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Amsterdam – We are almost to the heat got used to this, but it seems that the heat wave presently to an end. At the end of this week is the ’only’ 24 degrees. Shivering? Of course not: the average Dutch summer weather. And then it’s going to rain, really rain.

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It is exactly two days huffing and support, says Yannick Damen of “Like it is nothing,” laughs the meteorologist. “It is the next few days again, so it’s really hot. We are now accustomed to, but it is still two days about 35 to locally-perhaps 38 degrees,” he explains. But he has good news for those who have a little bit done with the heat: “It looks like this is the last feat of this heat wave. Because Wednesday and then the temperature is really down.”


Is it cold in Holland? Winter jacket? Nope. It is very normal English summer weather’. “With here and there a temper and a degree or 24,” said Damen. “In the nights it cools down maybe even down to 13 degrees. And that is a long time ago.”

However, there was on the internet last weekend some consternation about the formation of a tropical storm over the North sea, later this week. Certain models seemed to a cyclone forecast, but weathermen who believed ’have allowed themselves to be tricked,’ says Yannick Damen. “The prediction seemed, but a tropical storm has a warm core. Had this prediction not.”

And for a tropical storm Irma-like quality we need, despite the tropical weather, for the time being also do not be afraid. “That can only occur over seawater above 28 degrees,” says Damen. “And the Sea is nice and warm, but not warmer than 22 degrees. The sea water is so hot, need to get the really dágenlang above 38 degrees, at night not under 20. That we really do not experience, not even in the negatiefste klimaatveranderingsscenario.”

However, the temperature of the sea us in the near future be a nuisance. From a hot North sea evaporates a lot of water and warm air above the sea can be a lot of extra rain can be stored. “Maybe not yet this week,” predicts weatherman Damen. “But when it really starts raining, it would also be good los. With flooding as a result.”

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