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Gold for Belgium: De Ketele and Ghys win ploegkoers at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS track cycling

Belgium has a golden paste bite at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS track cycling in Glasgow. Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys won the ploegkoers. In a thrilling contest troefden our compatriots, the German world champions.

The Belgian duo took the 60 points for Germany (Kluge-Reinhardt), 49 points, and Great Britain (Hayter-Wood), 38 points. It is the sixth medal for the Belgian delegation, in Glasgow, the second for the 33-year-old Kenny De Ketele after the silver medal in the points race Sunday.

The Belgian tandem ended earlier in the day in the series on the fifth place with fifteen points. In the finals of the madison showed the Belgians is sovereign. Robbe Ghys, still only 21 years old, shouted even a round too early. It did not matter, the gold was for Belgium!

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