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Freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW31: “Crypto Mom” and Wallet-delusion

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The aftermath of the SEC’s decision in the Case of the Winklevoss were also felt in this week, however, the crypto community seems to have with Commissioner Hester Peirce as an ally in the ranks of the U.S. securities and exchange Commission found. In the meantime, several hackers have Root-access to McAfee’s supposedly unhackbarer Bitfi-Wallet provides and claim the $ 100,000 reward is collected. With a modest success. The expression of ECHO in calendar week 31.

Can I say mommy to you?

Many of Hodler showed at the end of July, disappointed with the re-cancellation of the US stock exchange Supervisory authority SEC at the Winklevoss’s proposal for a publicly traded Bitcoin Fund (ETF). However, even within the SEC, there was resistance to the decision. With Hester M. Peirce ETF advocates have an advocate within the authority itself. In January of US President, Trump appointed SEC Commissioner has stated their dissent on Twitter and with a multi-page, detailed Paper lined. That’s not only earned it a jump in the number of their Twitter Followers, but also a new nickname: “Crypto Mom”.

Displays of affection such as this currently Romp almost in the comment columns of Peirces Tweets.

In an Interview on CNCB Peirce has renewed her criticism of the judgment of their colleagues:

“An Exchange says: We have a rule change, we would like to introduce, and which would allow us to act with this product. But then the majority of the Commission said that the proposed Amendment could not be with the current law agree. In this case, the stock exchange act. My Position, however, is that the Amendment that was presented to us, was, in fact, with the stock market law.“

They hope to be able to move through their reasoned opposition to their colleagues of an ETF-friendly Position:

“I hope, after I submitted to a, in my opinion, in-depth analysis that my colleagues take these into account when advising about the next [ETF proposal]. This is the hope that we will always try to influence the Thinking of the other. This is part of what we do as a Commission.“

Squabbling around Wallet Hack

After John McAfee on 24. July had awarded US $ 100,000 as a reward for a successful Hack of McAfee unrestrained geshillten Bitfi-Wallet, has been increased by the Bounty of Bitfi Verga close week by a further $ 150,000.

Previously, a Dutch Hacker has claimed for itself, Root access, and have the Wallet, in fact, hacked.

McAfee has kept up with his Definition of a successful Wallet-Hacks. So you could only by such talk, if there is in fact money moves would have been. As the Coins are moved in anyone’s pocket, it was all allegedly successful hack of the Bitfi-Wallet to failures. Root access alone was not a successful Hack, which is why reports in the press about supposedly successful Attempts to “Complete nonsense”.

Others saw it as an attempt to pull themselves out of the Affair. He should just fulfill his part of the money back.

User gCAN expressed concerns that there is already chopped Wallets of Bitfi could be re-circulated. Hundreds, if not thousands of Users could be affected.

McAfee, meanwhile, had concerns about gCANs age or mental health.

Cyber Gibbons are calling for new conditions

The hacker group cyber Gibbons, however, considers the whole thing a hoax. Bitfi have formulated the conditions so that the task is unsolvable. The action does not evidence that the Wallet was hunhackbar, but only that it was against a single Form of attack-resistant.

“The only way to win the bounty, is a key device that stores a key.There are many, many other attacks for which such a device is susceptible. The most obvious: to modify The device so that it records the key, and a malicious third party sends. But this is excluded from the reward.

Why is this so?

Because the bounty is a sham. If it is not redeemed, it can Bitfi say: “Our device is unhackable”. What it actually means, is not “our device is vulnerable to a specific attack.”

Cyber Gibbons asked Bitfi to change their terms and conditions and the submitted proposed their own terms and conditions. These include, among other things, the involvement of a neutral third party, which is filled using a cyber Gibbons provided Laptops to three Bitfi-Wallets, each with one Million US-dollars.

Whether Bitfi eats this bait, it may be safely doubted. The company has now suspended a further reward for the detection of security vulnerabilities in Bitfi-Wallet. This is, however, “only” US $ 10,000. Participants must also purchase a Bitfi-Wallet to qualify for the receipt of the bounty.

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