Fleming testifies after earthquake Indonesia: “It is total chaos’

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The earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok also has a lot of damage on the neighbouring Gili islands. ‘Here really is an exodus underway, everybody is on the beach waiting to get off the island to hit, ” says the Flemish Van Valkenborgh (28) Monday to the editors of the Newspaper.

Wout Valkenborgh was on the Gili islands, an archipelago off the coast of Lombok, when the ground began to tremble.‘We were yesterday at around 19: 45 what to drink when the earthquake began. The shock started out fairly quiet, but that was becoming harder and harder. We then immediately lie down on the floor until the earthquake was over, ” says Valkenborgh. ‘Fortunately, we were outside, because next to the beach where we were, we have a hotel see collapse, but we are all unharmed.’

On the island itself is the life come to a standstill, all the shops and restaurants are closed. “The emergency parts of water, but no food. Some people are looting beaten.’

Out of fear for a tsunami are Valkenborgh and his friends to a higher hill pulled to be there to spend the night. Later, they returned to their place of residence to their stuff to pick up. “In the light, it became clear how much damage there was. Especially the weakest buildings have collapsed.’

On the beach there was, according to Valkenborgh a real exodus to the hallway. “Everyone wants off the island. Soon there were boats to take people to evacuate, but we decided to give the crowds what to wait for. We are going to try to tomorrow to Bali to return because there on Lombok also a lot of damage.” Valkenborgh hopes Friday to Belgium to return.


The Indonesian island of Lombok is Sunday for the second time in a short time it is hit by a severe earthquake. It fell at least 91 fatalities. The death toll may still rise because the emergency services to the hardest-hit regions have not yet reached. For now, there are, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, no foreign deaths.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in the north of Lombok, but also on the Gili islands was trembling violently. “The shock has about twenty seconds lasted, then it was pure chaos,” says Valkenborgh.

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