Fear rise of death Lombok

a488631714ddf85d444ef78b07a34bcf - Fear rise of death Lombok

JAKARTA – authorities in Indonesia fear that the death toll by the earthquake Sunday in Lombok, which is certainly 98 lives has demanded, and will continue to increase. Aid workers suspect that there are still many people under the rubble.

In the quest to find people who, since the earthquake are missing, excavators and other heavy equipment used. The agency for disaster management BNPB reported that the earthquake of Sunday, be sure to 13,000 houses have been destroyed. The earthquake had a strength of 6.9. The epicenter was nearly 30 km north-east of Lombok.

In areas near the epicenter are landslides. Also, there is a bridge destroyed. That makes emergency responders more difficult regions to reach.

The main hospital in the north of Lombok in the city of Tanjung. That is by the earthquake heavily damaged. Employees have therefore, for people who by the natural disaster injured in the beds dropped below the trees and in a tent.

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