Ex-employee Trump defames Manafort

70b8c47a2fa6353c813d51baee1c4138 - Ex-employee Trump defames Manafort

ALEXANDRIA – Rick Gates, old-campagnemedewerker of the American president Donald Trump, has Monday, in court, under oath, stated that he along with Paul Manafort crimes committed. Manafort was campaign manager of Trump.

Rick Gates

Gates stated, inter alia, that he along with Manafort tens of millions earned with lobbying for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine. They threw that money then on foreign accounts and concealed the income to the U.s. tax authorities.

Gates and Manafort worked for many years together, also in the verkiezingscampagneteam of Trump in 2016. Gates had already announced to cooperate in the investigation of Robert Mueller to Russian interference in the American elections in 2016. He does this in exchange for sentence remissions.

Manafort is for bank and tax fraud. He denies guilt on all points. Gates is in the criminal proceedings against Manafort, the main witness of the prosecutor.

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