Eleven starving children rescued from underground complex

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AMALIA – The American authorities have eleven children rescued from an underground complex in a sparsely populated, mountainous area of New Mexico. They lived there, according to the local sheriff under “the treurigste living conditions and poverty that I have seen,” messages of the American media.

The complex where the children under terrible circumstances lived, stood in the middle of nowhere.

The authorities did a raid because of a cry for help which would come from the camp. Someone wrote: “We are starving and need food and water.”

The complex in Amalia was dirty and neglected.

Agents found then the children, three women and two men. The police had one of the men overpowered. He was armed and refused to surrender.

This man, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, has been arrested and is suspected of kidnapping.

Suspicious Luke Morten is blamed for help have offered a wanted fugitive.

The sheriff says that the children of one to fifteen years old, “look like refugees from the third world.” She had no shoes and walked around in “rags.” The women are after their examination provisionally released. It probably goes to the mothers of the children.


The FBI kept the complex in Taos County already in the holes. One of the arrested men would be there with his kidnapped three-year-old son have lived, and there was the FBI in the first instance to find out. That toddler is not found.

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