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Courtois wants to transfer force: goalkeeper doesn’t show up at Chelsea

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Thibaut Courtois tries to get his transfer to Real Madrid to force the issue. The Telegraph reports that the Red Devil is not opdaagde at Chelsea, where he, however, was expected for a medical check-up. Earlier in the day showed Marca all know that Real Madrid hopes to transfer in the coming hours to complete.

It is Courtois mean to Real Madrid to draw. Between club and player, there is already an agreement, but Chelsea see the goalkeeper rather not leave. Courtois asked already expressly to the club to get to The Royal. The Red Devil would like to be closer to his children, who are in Madrid to live. The Observer was yesterday expected at Wembley, the Community Shield to attend. Courtois, however, is not on, he gave the kick-off in Genk-STVV.

Sunday came, Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri is still back on the earlier comments of Christophe Henrotay, the agent of Courtois. “I read everywhere that Chelsea says that the ball is in Thibauts camp is located. Nonsense, Thibaut has clearly had enough of his wish expressed to the club”, had to let them understand in The Sun. “I don’t respond to that broker,” said Sarri. “In him I am not interested. I want the Courtois himself to hear. If Courtois tomorrow against me, says the same thing, we should talk, of course. I just want players who are very motivated.” Or that conversation there, it seems doubtful, because Courtois challenged on Chelsea.

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