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Coinbase: New Assets for Custody services

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Coinbase thinks again about the Listing of Assets for Coinbase Custody. This time, XRP is even. On the courses of the pronouncements had no material impact.

“Coinbase lists of…” lists is the superlative to “Exchange xyz…”. Accordingly, many see such Statements from Coinbase, the gospel of the Bagholders. It is understandable: For Ethereum Classic, in this context, to a price jump of 20 percent. More recently, Considerations ranged from a Listing of Stellar, Cardano, 0x, or ASKED to lead a short course rally.

As a cynical Running Gag these Comments and the Listings have one thing in common: Ripple or XRP have not been called – much to the disgust of the Community to Ripple. To explain why some Assets have been listed and other not presented by Coinbase, your so-called Digital Asset Framework. This Framework sets out which properties must have a crypto-currency, to be considered for a Listing.

Accordingly, it was surprising a few days ago that Coinbase is looking at now 37 Assets – including finally XRP. Together with the longer-supported ERC20-Token, one has the impression that Coinbase wants to build a large collection of support Assets. If, however, projects such as Tezos or Telegram corresponding to the Digital Asset Framework one can doubt. On a closer read, however, It is possible Assets for Coinbase Custody. A Listing for GDAX, or other Coinbase-products is not provided.

Coinbase Custody: do Not use with other products comparable to

Coinbase Custody is a Service, of the custody of large sums of money in the crypto-offering. BTC-ECHO has previously reported about this Service. This is, in particular, for institutional investors, for the security of their digital assets. This theme is for larger investors so interesting that it was even a few months ago a topic at a Seminar on crypto-Funds of the Frankfurt School of Finance. This runs in partnership with ETC, not this time Ethereum Classic, but a SEC-registered Broker and member of FINRA, which could also be attractive for institutional investors.

It is important to emphasize that a Listing of the 37 Assets in the case of other Services, Coinbase currently not being considered. Continue to be an Asset for a real Listing must correspond to the Digital Asset Framework. For XRP, it is still wait and see. Also, you can, if the name of accidental detachment of Ripple interpret certainly as the Digital Asset Framework to meet increasing step, the Token will be concentration in the Escrow of Ripple-after all, currently about 52 billion XRP is still an Argument against a Listing. However, since Ripple has started a decoupling of XRP, you may be curious where the journey goes.

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