Cirque Magique surpasses himself with 14,000 festival-goers

3b9a67e215698dad1a6b4a18e91a6b11 - Cirque Magique surpasses himself with 14,000 festival-goers

With 63 dj’s, a little over 14,000 visitors and a burning sun can the music – and belevingsfestival Cirque Magique look back on a record edition.

For the fourth edition of Cirque Magique threw the organisation to be slightly higher than other years. So was the festival expanded to include more people to be able to welcome and also invested heavily in the line-up. The goal? About 16,000 visitors. That number was just not achieved, but the organisation can be satisfied look back on a record edition.

To prevent the festival goers would collapse under the scorching heat, there were a number of measures have been taken. So divided the organization, approximately 4,000 bottles of free sunscreen, were there thousands of reusable bottles with water on the counter and was there for the stages of water atomized. At the entrance was also free water handed out to those waiting for dehydration to occur. And for whom that was not enough, there were also swimming pools set up on both the festival grounds and the campsite.

There was, incidentally, not only the sun, but also to the environment thought at Cirque Magique. So there were re-usable bottles sold, that you free could top up with still and sparkling water. In addition, let the festival, reusable tents to the mess and the waste afterwards limit.

And the festival audience? That was just like the line-up is a mix between music and circusliefhebbers of all ages. There was, after all, not only to the parents, but also thought of the children. They could marvel at the breathtaking acts on children or let off steam during one of the many workshops. A success, as evidenced by the many smiling kindergezichtjes.

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