Chrissy Teigen slams tabloids

65488a8f01563ed16c725a3e2aecc646 - Chrissy Teigen slams tabloids

The actress did on Twitter live reports of the earthquake in the Indonesian Lombok, but calls on the media not to focus on it, but on the real victims.

Chrissy Teigen wants, that the American and British tabloids are not more about her writing because she and her family were witnesses of the earthquake on Lombok. They would rather have that attention is for the real victims.

“Please no news more about us”, so she says on Twitter. “Write about those who are in danger and share information to help those in need.”

Chrissy tweeted first, plenty of about her own experiences, which makes the tabloids set out with her story. The model gave a live report of the events in Bali where she and her husband John Legend on vacation. “I try to be quiet, but jeez…oh no, here comes another one. Dear Lord, please here please join us on”, wrote she.

The number of fatal victims of the earthquake in the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen to at least 91. Hundreds of others were injured.

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