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Brussels gallery brings Sterling Ruby to Belgium

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His works of art end up by a close collaboration with fashion designer Raf Simons is already on hautecouturejurken of Dior, but who are curious about new work by the American artist Sterling Ruby have in september a trip to our capital plans.

The Elsense galerie Xavier Hufkens picks up in september with a solo exhibition of the American artist Sterling Ruby. He combines painting, ceramics, collages, video, photography and sculpture in his installations, but the general public knows him from his collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons.

Sterling Ruby, the son of a Dutch mother and an American father, worked with Simons on several collections for his own label and in 2012 showed Simons four paintings by the artist print on dresses for the first hautecouturecollectie for Dior. Calvin Klein showed Simons Sterling include the flagship store in New York under the hands, as is the decor of his shows.

Sterling Ruby will for Xavier Hufkens gallery new paintings and collages bring from his hometown of Los Angeles, ‘work from his DRFTRS and WIDW-series, two ever-evolving series that testify to the intense relationship of the artist with materials and his interest in issues such as socio-cultural evolution, popular culture and violence, does it sound in the announcement.

The exhibitions ‘Sterling Ruby WIDW’ and ‘Sterling Ruby DRFTRS’ open on 7 september at two different locations of the gallery in Ixelles near the bois de la cambre.


Sterling Ruby, together with a team or assistants, brings the camera inside the process or his monumental urethane works, offering intimate views of the mixture of chemicals, application of urethane, and the heavy machinery used to invert and transport his works. Where once was the ecstatic solo dance or Jackson Pollock is now the clandestine construction in the studio with Sterling Ruby as its fastidious foreman. The comparison to a laboratory—be it scientific or street drug—is altogether welcome. – Sterling Ruby will present new work (paintings and collages) with a double exhibition in September at the gallery (6 and 107 rue St-Georges), entitled ‘DRFTRS’and ‘WIDW’ (7 September – 20 October 2018). He will simultaneously show his hearts and clubs at Pierre Marie Giraud. video: Sterling Ruby – Urethane Works – The Artist’s Studio – MOCAtv – @moca #sterlingruby #moca #urethaneworks #artistsstudio #xavierhufkens

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