Bangladesh wants to road-hogs death penalty give

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The government of Bangladesh is proposing the death penalty for fatal accidents who ‘wilfully caused’. The death of two students has been more than a week for the fuss in the country.

The protests there after the two young people also killed by a bus at excessive speed reed. According to the witnesses, would the bus driver as soon have driven up earlier than the competition passengers to pick up.

The government is now prepared, the penalties increase. Would would be the maximum penalty for causing death by negligence increase of 3 to 5 years in prison. If there is a ‘deliberately riding’, the death as murder qualified, and comes to the crime even eligible for the death penalty.

In Bangladesh every year 12,000 people are killed in traffic. The protesters point out that the private bus operators as the culprits. It would be irresponsible to drive, but the competition for and congestion avoidance.

Tear gas

The government accuses the opposition of stoking the protests after the fatal accident of last week. In Bangladesh later this year and elections were held on the program.

Saturday were at a demonstration, another 115 students were injured after they clashed and met the police. According to witnesses, used the police rubber bullets and tear gas.

Sunday is a autocolonne of the American ambassador in Bangladesh attacked by armed men in the capital Dhaka, though it is not yet clear whether there is a link with the studentenprotest.

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