Apple and Facebook to remove Alex Jones

033d8f8c3974eb4d890d64049920d19a - Apple and Facebook to remove Alex Jones

ATLANTA – In the fight against dissemination of false news, Apple and Facebook the podcasts and pages of Alex Jones removed. Jones is the founder of Infowars, a notorious but popular purveyor of conspiracy theories, which also the American president Donald Trump to his fans can count.

According to Facebook there are four pages of Jones and Infowars removed. This would not meet the gebruikersregels of the company. So would Jones have been found guilty of insulting transgender people, immigrants, and muslims, the glorification of violence and spreading hate. Apple has five of the six podcasts of Jones taken offline.

An employee of Infowars from heavy accusations against both companies: “This is censorship. This is a cultuuroorlog. We have played a major role in the election of Donald Trump. This is a coordinated action to bring the Democrats to power to get.”

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