A lot of support from celebs for Demi Lovato

4b1accf589ca2f84edf37d7daae346cd - A lot of support from celebs for Demi Lovato

The star showed themselves heard on social media, after she in July was recorded for an overdose.

The personal message that Demi Lovato on social media, gets a lot of support from other celebrities. So cross, among others, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Baldwin, Sam Smith and Macklemore the singer has a heart under the belt. Lovato showed for the first time since her hospitalization, which them a lot of reactions.

“Oh sweetheart…I send you much love,” says JLo. Paris Hilton replies: “I love so many of you zussie”. Hailey Baldwin sends Demi hearts emoji’s, where Sam Smith, his colleague describes as ‘a beautiful woman who is an inspiration for many.

Macklemore posted a personal message: “I send you love, Demi. I am very often in the wrong, but the people that could help me to be healthy again to be standing still, always ready for me with unconditional love and support. So I am there for you. Remember: take it day by day.”

Demi thanked in a post on Instagram, among others, her fans and family for the support she has received. “I am always open about my battle with my addiction and have learned that this disease is not just about. I myself want to overcome and I’m working on it now. I thank God that I’m alive.”

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