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Which Answer: And then put Ninja his pants

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‘Even if you don’t love That Answer, you’ll love That Answer, ” insured DJ Hi-Tek for the South African rave/rapduo on stage. That turned out to not even lie.

Above you will see no photos of That Answer at the Lokerse Feesten. That is because Ninja and Yolandi Visser in the Waasland on their new world tour started, and because professional images than nefaster for the image than a first row full of Instagrammers, presumably. Not that there’s so crazy much to see. The South Africans played on and around a golfplatenconstructie. As if there is a slum on the stage the line was – but one with a lot of led lighting.

The show would also be the starting point for the final sprint: Ninja (44) and a Fisherman (34) allude there already longer on their next album, 27, their last. That would come in the form of 10 songs that are a soundtrack for a film, and a total of 27 ‘hidden tracks’. Those who had hoped for a little taste to get in Lokeren, was cheated out of: the new songs proved to be very hidden. Instead, drew That Response is for the greatest hits-show that we the past years in the Pukkelpop and Dour saw.

Who missed their effect is not: ‘Banana brain’, ‘Pitbull’ and the inimitable ‘I fink you fweeky’ threw the hens in it with pumping technobeats that even on Tomorrowland for a number of raised eyebrows. Visser snerpte still as if they were indeed ” the most psycho chick in the world, and the Ninja dropped like toezingen that he is an ‘Ugly boy’ was.

But it seems that there is wear on the formula. The numerous kostuumwissels – we saw Ninja in a Guantanamo Bay suit, boksoutfit and in a kind of Yeti-jacket – took the pace out, and on two crowdsurfpartijen after we in a hurry of a ” professional-in-progress show’ to speak. Always a bit of sin for a group that has a very square, ‘Fuck your rules’ can make it scream.

It was also shouted: ‘we want more’. Ninja was about to grin, and stuck only his pants. So there was a full moon in Lokeren.

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