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Video recommendation of the week: Andreas Antonopoulos versus Bitcoin maximalism?

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With the book “Mastering Bitcoin” Andreas Antonopoulos, rather, as an Evangelist for Bitcoin known. Now, he is writing another book called “Mastering Ethereum”. In a Video he explains the reasons for it.

“Andreas unfaithful?” Some of the Bitcoin Maximalist was horrified when the next project by Andreas Antonopoulos, the people behind “Mastering Bitcoin”. He wants to write a book about Ethereum.

For some, Bitcoin and Ethereum are in competition with each other. It is not just the place in terms of market capitalisation and the moments in which it looked after a flippening. An important point is that the Governance Ethereums, like specifically, according to the DAO-Hack, the classic Bitcoin maximalists. Finally, Ethereum is, even after it had cooled down by the ICO-mania somewhat, is still the darling of the “Blockchain instead of Bitcoin”representative. With all the advertised potential of Smart Contracts to me came across at least still mad that those Blockchain – or DLT-Enthusiastic so little about the one already used worldwide, Use Case – Bitcoin – languages.

From a competitive situation with a hostile attitude can grow. And so tend to be some of the Bitcoin Maximalists to fall into a “Bitcoin instead of Blockchain”attitude: Everything Shitcoin except Bitcoin. For those, it is very surprising why Antonopoulos now a book about Ethereum writes!

Andreas Antonopoulos is in the Video to these concerns, a response. In the dispute about what Cryptocurrency is, more or less decentralized, often forget two points. Firstly, new technological developments, be it currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other Crypto are always interesting. Secondly, the great opponent of bitcoin is Ethereum, or Bitcoin to Cash, but the Central Bank-controlled Fiat money. I think that the Position of Andreas Antonopoulos is an important “Blockchain instead of Bitcoin” and “Bitcoin instead of Blockchain”.

But enough talk, let’s let Andrew speak for himself:

Ethereum Q&A: Why I’m writing ‘Mastering Ethereum’

Watch this Video on YouTube.

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