Venezuelan president survives ‘assassination by drones’

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The wife of Maduro is scared.

President Nicolas Maduro says that Saturday night is an attack against him is committed. He remained unscathed. The circumstances of the attack are however still unclear.

On images from state broadcaster VTV is to see how the president of Venezuela, gives a talk for thousands of soldiers during a military parade in the capital Caracas. When suddenly an explosion is heard, interrupts Maduro delivered his speech while he is looking up. Then it creates panic among the soldiers and spectators, that way begin to flee.

Seven members of the National Guard would be injured. On photos is to see how Maduro is protected by his bodyguards after the blast.

‘Conspiracy of Colombian president’

“It was an attack against the president, Nicolás Maduro’, gave the minister of Communications, Jorge Rodriguez later during a press conference that was broadcasted live. “An explosive charge was detonated near the presidential platform,” and the bang was followed by other explosions. The attack was carried out with drones. Rodríguez stressed that Maduro was ‘completely intact’.

A few hours later be Maduro himself, in a fiery speech with an accusatory finger to the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos. “I do not doubt that all point to a conspiracy between the extreme right-wing in Venezuela and the extreme right in Colombia, and that Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack is,” said Maduro.

According to the president of Venezuela, were all the perpetrators caught and the authorities have a part of the evidence collected. “The initial studies indicate that a number of the donors live in the United States, in the state of Florida,” says Maduro. “I hope that president Donald Trump is willing to provide terrorist groups to fight.’

Gas explosion?

Juan Manuel Santos rejected Saturday the allegations. The Colombian president has nothing to do with the attempt on his Venezuelan ambtsgenoot. That said a high-ranking source close to Santos, who wishes to stay anonymous, to several journalists. ‘The accusations of Maduro are groundless.’

“The president is focused on the baptism of his granddaughter Celeste and is not engaged in the overthrow of foreign governments,” says the source. Who did not want to know give or Santos, that Tuesday, the power transfers to his successor Ivan Duque, plan is to personally respond to the allegations.

A few hours later, however, demanded the Soldiers in T-shirts, an unknown rebel group known as consisting of civilians and military personnel, the attack on. Patricia Poleo, a journalist, who live in the United States and a fierce opponent of the socialist government in Venezuela, read a communiqué from the rebel group known for on her YouTube channel.

And the lack of clarity about the attack was even greater when firefighters were on the spot come the official version of the facts conflicts. Three firefighters reported anonymously to the AP that the explosion is actually a gas explosion in an apartment in the vicinity.

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