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Tibo Nevens (Home Solution-Soenens) wins Antwerp Havenpijl

4d6bd9ef993de0286e61c114eac1848f - Tibo Nevens (Home Solution-Soenens) wins Antwerp Havenpijl

Tibo Nevens (Home Solution-Soenens) Sunday the Antwerp Havenpijl, with start and arrival after 178 kilometres in Merksem, won. He finished in a bunch sprint of Edward Planckaert, and the Dutchman Bos van der Kooij.

After a very fast start, in the first wedstrijduur was 48,5 miles, were Jason smith, Rory Towsend and Dorian Lubbers, there is still a first failure on the ground. The threesome was with a lead of 1:30 on the nine local laps of each 9.9 kilometers in Merksem. start.

With six laps to drive joined Stef Curl the leaders, while Jason Van Dalen materiaalpech knew, and his companions reluctantly had to let it ride. Eventually melted everything together and was again everything will be repeated. Edward Planckaert and Justin Timmermans tried it then and they were the final three laps, trimming with a lead of 1 minute. The leading duo got further reinforcement of Sander De Pestel, Dorian Lubbers, Stef Curl and Rory Towsend. That six went to the final lap with a lead of 25 seconds on a hunting pack.

In full finale was the amalgamation yet again a fact and in the ensuing bunch sprint took Tibo upon the.

Results: 1. Tibo By the 178 miles in 3u56:52 2. Edward Planckaert 3. Bas van der Kooij (Ned) 4. Lars Oreel; 5. Daan van Sintmaartensdijk; 6. Thibau); 7. Dennis van der Horst (Ned); 8. Rory Towsend (GBr); 9. Senne Gebriels; 10. Tristan Parrotta (Dui); 11. Arne Marit; 12. Arthur Pagnaer; 13. Jérémy Frehen; 14. Dorian De Maeght; 15. Louis Blouwe; 16. Lionel Taminiaux; 17. Anthony Debuy; 18. Glen Van Nuffelen; 19. Brent Masure; 20. Jarrad Drizners; 21. Axel Flet (Fra); 22. Thomas Vansteelandt; 23. Bo Godart; 24. Glenn Debruyne; 25. Yuri Francen; 26. Jasper Kaesemans; 27. Marc Heaney (Ipr); 28. Saubi Guillem Garcia (Spa); 29. Kevin Deltombe; 30. Marijn van den Berg (Ned)

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