‘There is a big chance that there is a Brexit without agreement’

6e50be3cb6adecb82db76e9a8ba11144 - ‘There is a big chance that there is a Brexit without agreement’

The chances are that the United Kingdom from the European Union to get without agreement on the Brexit between London and Brussels. That says, the British Trade minister, Liam Fox, in The Sunday Times.

The Brexitonderhandelingen would by the end of October should lead to a scheidingsakkoord and at 29 march 2019 the Brexit is a fact. However, there is still disagreement about the new trade relations and the border between Northern Ireland and EU member state, Ireland.

The British minister received Sunday a question about the likelihood that the UK out of the EU get without an agreement about the Brexit. Fox treasure that chance to 60 percent. “I think the intransigence of the European Commission to take us to the output leads, without consent,” says Fox in an interview with The Sunday Times. He accuses Brussels that it hides behind ‘theological obsessions, rather than worry about the economic well-being of the Europeans’.


The statement from Fox comes after a week where his colleague Jeremy Hunt, minister of Foreign Affairs, also warned of a “dirty divorce”. And prime minister Theresa May its allies lobbied by the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

That last repeated that there is no negotiating with Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator of the European Commission.

And Barnier keeps the leg still stiff: a number of proposals in the white paper of the British government threatened the EU to undermine and are therefore unacceptable, he said in an opinion article that was released this week in a number of newspapers in the EU.

‘The United Kingdom wants the free movement of goods with the EU, but not the free movement of services and persons. It wants to so once again the sovereignty and control over its own laws, which we respect. But it can not ask that the EU’s control over its borders and laws specify.’

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