The streets deserted in a very hot day Portugal

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LISBON – The big heat in Portugal provides for unusual scenes in public life. In the streets of the capital, Lisbon, but also in other places was this weekend as well as extinct in the street. The temperatures at many places between 44 and 47 degrees, layers, ensuring that the Portuguese refuge from the heat.

Few tourists on the street in the Baixa district.

An exception formed the beaches. These layers Saturday and Sunday are filled with people looking for a bit of shade.

Natural fires

Scattered across the land raging since three days dozens of fires. One of the biggest fires raging in the mountainous area in the vicinity of Monchique to the north side of the with tourists popular Algarve. The news agency Lusa reported that only been up there seven hundred firefighters and two hundred blusvoertuigen and an unknown number of helicopters have been deployed.

Due to the strong winds and the high temperatures makes capacity difficult. According to the Portuguese newspaper Publico rage throughout Portugal about thirty burn. For the combat ones are 1600 firefighters, an unknown number of blusvoertuigen and about twenty fire-fighting planes used.

In the summer of 2017 fell in Portugal 64 deaths due to fires.

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