Red Cross: People sleep on the street on Lombok

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THE HAGUE – After the heavy earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok will bring many people to the night in the outdoors by. Reports that aid organization Red Cross. For many people the fear are still there after the island Sunday evening (local time) was hit by an earthquake with a strength of 7.0, with dozens of deaths.

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Patients lie in the open air at a hospital in Denpasar, Bali.

Out of fear for collapse of buildings, dare not many people back to their homes. Also be many aftershocks felt so people still in panic. The Red Cross supports the people on the spot with blankets and psychosocial support, says an employee of the relief organization.

In North Lombok is according to the employees of the Red Cross to see the damage , and,best significantly”. There are many houses destroyed. Victims are evacuated from dangerous areas, and the wounded cared for.

How many injured there are the aid organization, not to say.

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