Peace agreement signed in South Sudan

CAIRO – The warring parties in South Sudan have Sunday a peace deal was signed. That made Al-Dirdiri Mohamed, the minister of Foreign Affairs of neighbouring Sudan known. Mohamed has mediated between the parties. In the African country raged over the past five years, a bloody civil war.

Al-Dirdiri Mohamed, the minister of Foreign Affairs.

In recent months, several peace agreements reported and cease-fires ended, but the peace agreement that Sunday is closed is the first one that is approved by all the political parties of the country.

South Sudan exists as a country only since 2011, when it broke away from Sudan. The armed conflict began two years later, by a conflict between president Salva Kiir and his former vice president Riek Machar. They belong to different tribes. The peace talks between the warring parties were for a long time difficult.

The country is impoverished and the number of inhabitants is estimated at around 12 million. A quarter of this is due to the war displaced.

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