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Melania choose camp of NBA star LeBron James in a feud with president Trump

0b0380ad96ec9452683b2b3bc98644a2 - Melania choose camp of NBA star LeBron James in a feud with president Trump

Melania Trump has her husband Donald reprimanded after the Us president on Twitter battle had comments about NBA star LeBron James. It is not the first time that the First Lady distances itself from the statements of her husband.

Trump sent Friday night during the rebroadcast of an interview with CNN journalist Don Lemon with LeBron James a disparaging tweet to the world: “Lebron (sic) James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which is not easy. I like Mike.” With that last sentence refers Trump to the discussion about who the best basketball player of all time: James, or Michael Jordan.

The occasion for the interview was the festive inauguration of the school for 240 disadvantaged children in the state of Ohio, that James had financed. In the interview, let the basketball player (not for the first time) critical of Trump: “I have sports in my life experienced as something that people connect to it, but Trump uses sports to divide and conquer between white and black.” Thereby referred James to the hoopla around American footballplayers who protest police violence against black Americans kneel during the American national anthem, and the criticism of Trump on the many athletes who refuse to be honored by the president.

Melania Trump expresses support for James

The link to James was Trump (as usual) on a lot of criticism from progressive America, but the most striking reaction came from the White House, when First Lady Melania Trump, her spokeswoman, her support for the basketball player left, saying, “LeBron James is working on good things for our next generation, and as always, encourages the wife of late everyone to have an open dialogue about things that children today take.” Melania suggested in the press release, in addition, that they are open for a visit to the school of James, “because that fits in with her earlier trips through the USA to talk with children about their well-being.”

It is not the first time that Melania distances itself from the statements of her husband. During the brouhaha about the separation of immigrants and their children, she said in a subtle message that America is “a country must comply with the laws, but also a country with this policy, with a heart.” And earlier this week also spoke Ivanka Trump, the favorite daughter of the president, against his hostile statements about the press. At a conference, she got the question she is like her father, the media are regarded as enemies of the people, and said, “No, I will not.”

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