Leive Vloms confirms: 12.000 Passers-by to donate for the fight against MS

With 12,000 were the passers-by that Friday night franchise on the 2nd edition of ‘Leive Vloms’, the Leuven-based pop music festival that took place on the Old Market. “Despite the tropical temperatures and the persistent heat, the public was at the start of the ‘Leivese Schlager Top 20 ” mass present. ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Christoff was there boenk on. The Krikke and DJ Kurt Frederickx had the audience in the beginning for an unforgettable evening,” says co-organizer Erik De Rop on behalf of the vzw Oude Markt Leuven. After twenty minutes warming up, was the New Bis Band is ready to Sam Gooris guide. With his turbo Let the grass grow’-grasmasjien, ‘Basketsloefkes’ and ‘Marijke’, he had the Old Market in his pocket. In the wings saw Kelly Pfaff and the children that it was good.

For the Lubbeekse singer Sergio was ‘Leive Vloms, “almost a” home, but musically it was a challenge: “For this festival, I have my setlist changed a bit. In addition to my own songs, such as ‘Only with you’ and ‘I am Sergio, I have a repertoire of singalong songs composed and that is tremendously excited by the general public.” Sergio cold rolled over the Old Market, did ei so after a somersault and ended his performance with a phenomenal luchtsprong.

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