Killed in aircraft accidents Switzerland

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ZURICH – A small privévliegtuig with a young family on board is Saturday morning south of the Swiss Lucerne crashed. All the occupants, a family with two small children, are in the accident.

A plane crashed in the woods near Hergiswil. Archive view.

The plane crashed in the Rängg pass. On the site of the crash was a fire. The fierce fire had to first from the air by helicopters are extinguished before emergency responders on site were able to go.

Historic aircraft

At the beginning of the evening collapsed on the western flank of the mountain Piz Segnas, not far from the border with Liechtenstein, a historic plane down. According to local media, there are no survivors. How many people there were on board is not known. The wreck is located at 2540 m altitude. After the crash came a big rescue operation is underway, involving, inter alia, five helicopters were deployed. Above the area is a no-fly zone set up to Sunday night takes.

The aircraft is a Junkers Ju-52, reports the owner, the Swiss airline company Ju-Air on his website. The Ju-53 is a German-built driemotorig aircraft that first flew in 1932 and can accommodate approximately 20 people.

About the causes of the accidents, nothing is yet known.

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