Heavy earthquake hits Lombok

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Bali – An earthquake with a strength of 7.0 on the Richter scale has Lombok Sunday hit. The epicenter of the quake was nearly 30 km north-east of Lombok. The authorities gave a tsunamiwaarschuwing, this is about two hours later repealed. The earthquake took place at 13:46 Dutch time, in Lombok, it was at that time 19:46.

Casualties by the earthquake, nothing is yet known. The Dutch on-the-spot report big panic and a lot of damage in Lombok and its surroundings.

In messages to the Telegraph to tell different Dutch on Bali and Lombok, their story: “We are in Sanur. We were eating dinner and all of a sudden started the table and chairs and all greatly vibrate. We were all outside on the street sent. You notice the turmoil, but for many people the holidays. Though there are now slow due to that there is also a tsunami alarm is issued,” said Family Secret.

“Our whole house was shaking on its foundations and the water ran out of the pool here. Very anxious!”

David Damen writes: “We are in the south of Bali by the sea, Nusa Dua. Our whole house was shaking on its foundations and the water ran out of the pool here. Very anxious! We are outside and have to wait until the calmer was.”

Jeroen Steilberg says: “We are in a restaurant enjoy dining until my girlfriend suddenly said: ‘you Feel the ground shaking?’ At that time began the entire restaurant to run and scream in panic. The vibrations lasted for about 2 minutes. The tables were violently shaking, just as the image of the ATM’s.”

“Windows and doors were shaking in their rebate”

Holidaymaker Patrick reports that the earthquake is about 30 to 60 seconds long: “We are in Lovina, in northern Bali, and the vibrations have clearly felt. Windows and doors were shaking in their groove.” Also Patrick that after the first quake are still aftershocks felt.

Also Adrienne Hendriks says that there are aftershocks felt: “During the earthquake we walked on the street. The whole earth went to and fro, and there were all these people screaming and running. At this time, feel we still have aftershocks.”

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Also Ingrid Brussard is in the environment and writes: “I was lying on a massage table completely covered in oil when the table suddenly began to vibrate. I thought: weird, what does she do all this? Immediately, I was the table drawn, got a towel and had to go outside. There stood the staff with z’n all to pray. When it occurred suddenly to me: an earthquake.”

“When it occurred suddenly to me: an earthquake”

Last week Sunday was Lombok also been shaken by an earthquake. That claimed 17 lives. Also were more than 150 people injured.

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